Owning and working on a little egg


Bolerlife.com came to life because a Boler is a special little travel trailer, everybody seems to have an affinity for them. People will stop to comment about it whether it is on the road, in a campsite or parked on my driveway.

Hitching up and towing this little fiberglass egg is a breeze, no ugly extended mirrors are required. As an added bonus with the curtains open I can see what is behind through the windows using the center rear view mirror when pulling it with the Jeep Liberty. It is so light that it is easy to forget that it is even there, not really a good thing when you look at the speedometer and realize you are cruising at 140 kilometers per hour.

The ideas on this page are ones that I came up with as I worked on the trailer and talked with other Boler owners. I don't pretend to be an expert, and I realize that there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing. What you see here is what I discovered along the way and hope it may be interesting reading if nothing else.

Though we sold our Boler in 2011, I have decided to leave the site up for the time being. I will still try to answer any questions, however bear in mind that I no longer have it sitting on the driveway so I can no longer run out and take a look to double check on my replies. For anyone that is interested this is what it looked like when I sold it.


There are two excellent sources of information on Bolers and other fiberglass trailers

Molded Lightweight Fiberglass RV Forum - as the name implies this covers a lot of makes.

Do a search for the Bolerama Forum, I can't seem to get a working link to it, well worth the effort.

Both of these forums have some very friendly and helpful members


Gaining Extra Living Space With a Boler

Bolers Have been described as excellent travel trailers but very cramped camping trailers. They are a joy to tow but spending a week or two at a camping can be a challenge. There are ways to add extra room and become more organized to make life much mor enjoyable.

There is cupboard space but never enough, I found that the clothes closet was seldom used to hang clothes when camping so added removable shelves so it could do double duty depending on the situation.

I added a second propane tank to the hitch which could be removed and used at a picnic table with a Coleman camp stove for most of our cooking. This eliminated cooking odors in the coach as well as giving more room to function.

Some units came with a rear shelf above the bed, table combination, mine did not so I added one which provided a place for our clothes at night and our pillows during the day.

Rubbermaid totes are a blessing, they can be stored in the tow vehicle and brought out as needed, we stored our washing up supplies in a smaller sized one, it was used as a basin and the lid doubled as a drying pad.

I also had a tub for all the things we needed to set up camp such as a lantern, the water hose, hatchet, blocks for the jacks, hoses for extra propane tank and what have you. This lived in the Boler while stored and travelling but was moved to tow vehicle when camp was set up.

Extra Rooms


The easiest way to gain some extra space is to bring a gazebo along, it keeps everything dry if it rains and provides shade on hot sunny days. There are models with side panels that offer both protection from the elements as well as privacy. The one we had actually fit over the top of the coach when it was raining, on dry days we moved it out to gain more room.



shower room

There will usually be bathroom facilities at a campsite, however sometimes it is just nicer to have your own, portable bathrooms add all the comforts of home.

We did move the porta potty into the Boler at night for convienence but you don't really don't want it around during the day .


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