Drawer Above Fridge

When my son dropped over to put a cutlery drawer above his three-way fridge I thought it would be a simple little project like mine was when I enlarged the original one above my icebox opening. After removing the cook-top we saw that the vent at the rear of the fridge came up at a 45 degree angle into the space we needed, bingo, that is likely why it originally had the drawer under the table. Upon making a few calculations we determined it would be possible to make a long enough drawer to be useful if we sloped the back of the drawer to match the vent.

We cut a hole for the drawer, 1/2" in from each side of the fridge and an inch above it, this left a 3/4" space behind the face on the right side and was right beside a wooden support on the left side. We used a recripocating saw with a metal cutting blade, cutting just inside the marks and then sanding to the marks with this tool.

For the right hand side support we used a length of 1X4 with one end cut to 45 degrees. To fasten it in place two metal tabs were screwed to the bottom and one to the end, then the tabs were fastened with sheet metal screws to the fridge top and vent.

On the left side a short lentgh of 3/4" square material was fastened to the wood frame then the 1X4 was fasten to it, a metal tab similar to the ones used on the other side fastened the back of it in position.

We used 14" long drawer hardware, that we shortened by 1/2".

The drawer box was made with a sloped back to hold longer utensils, we used 1/2" baltic birch for the sides and ends, 1/8" for the bottom. The drawer had to be quite shallow to fit, just a bit higher than the white divider boxes we got at Canadian Tire.

When the tracks were installed and the drawer leveled the stained drawer face was fastened in place.

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