Door Sag Quick Fixes

This door that we repaired sagged at an angle, we managed to get the hinges off quite easily but were not able to move the door enough with the existing mounting holes.

This door sagged so bad that the door catch only actually caught the bottom 1/4" of the striker plate. It actually looks better in the picture than it really was. We removed the door and decided to work on the top hinge only.
We filled the holes with a product called Tech Steel, a grey two part compound that sets in one hour. It is advertised as being paintable, we were not concerned because it would be under the hinge so would not show.To fill the holes flush with the surface we clamped a short board to the front with wax paper between it and the door, then added the compound.

When the compound had set we placed the door in the opening, and put the bolts back into both the attached bottom hinge and the loose top hinge. We then located the door into the required position and marked the position of the holes for the top hinge. We then drilled 1/4" holes and reattached the top hinge.

This next door actually had dropped and the door catch didn't work too well with it either. I was August and I wanted to go camping and could see that I was not going to get the rusted bolts out of the hinges easily. I decided on another fix until the camping season was over.

The door fit pretty good except that it had dropped about a 1/4" over time. My first thought was to remove the mounting bolts, fill the original holes and drill new ones higher up. Not wanting to risk breaking one of the bolts off in the hinge I decided to alter the balls the door rests on instead.

I found a length of brass thick walled tubing the same diameter as the original hinge ball. I cut two pieces 1/4" longer than the balls and rounded over the ends with a file.

Hinge with modified ball and new stainless bolt and nylon locking nut.
The stripes line up pretty good now and the door catch works much better. I read somewhere that Trillium hinges can be adapted to work on a Boler, I may go that route when it comes time to fix up the outside for new paint.

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