Making a New Frame

For some of us making a new frame would be a pretty daunting task, but when you weld things together all day long for a living and have a shop full of equipment it is another story. Here are some photos of how it was done.

The previous owner had already removed the coach from the frame so he had the pleasure of finding all the hidden bolts. There is one under the fridge that is a nuisance to get at, location of all the bolts is at bottom of page.

The old frame was in pretty bad shape, notice how it is sagging behind the right wheel.
New frame is being assembled, the original axle is still good so it will be used again.
New frame assembled with the parts salvaged from the old frame ready to be put on.
The parts from the old frame are attached to the new frame, ready for paint.
The new frame is being pushed back under the coach.
The was a special modication to a replacement frame, customer plans to add a storage box, the hitch receiver is for a bicycle rack.

Location of Bolts Fastening Coach to Frame

There are at least 16 bolts attaching the coach to the frame, most of them can be found above the two frame rails, some models have extra bolts in the cross members.

3 bolts are under each side in the back storage compartments.

1 bolt is under the furnace, the furnace has to be removed to get at it.

1 bolt is under the fridge, the fridge also has to be removed to get at it.

2 bolts are in the closet.

3 bolts are under each side in the front storage compartments.

If the bolts have worked loose over time the threads may have been worn away where they entered the frame. If this has happened they will spin in the frame and will not come out. They may sometimes be removed by prying up on the washer as the bolt is turned, it also helps to grip the bolt with visegrips and exert extra upward pressure as they are turned.

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