Boler Specs.

The following specs, taken from "Camping Canada's Guide To Travel Trailers", the Boler Manual and my tape measure will give you a basic idea of the size of a Boler trailer. The actual specs. of individual trailers will vary due to options installed and modifications done to the trailer over the years.

Boler 1300

Overall Length - 13'

Overall Height - 7' 2"

G.V. Weight - 1250 lbs.

Tongue Weight - 90 lbs.

Hitch Required - Class 1

Axels - 1 (Rub-R-Ride)

Electric Brakaes - Optional

Tires - 13", 4 1/2" X 5 bolt hub pattern (Ford or Chrysler)

Sleeps - 4/2

Inside Height - 6'

Inside Length - 10'

Outside Width - 6' 8"

Inside Width - 6' 6"

Fresh Water Tank - 10 gal.

Furnace BTU - 10

Fridge - 3 cu. ft.

Selling price in the 1970's - $1695.00

Boler 1700

Advertising Brochure, thanks Rob Grosse

Questions to ask if a Boler is right for you:

13' Bolers a cute as they may be are not for everyone, one frequently asked question in forums is, " Will a Boler accommodate my Needs?"

1) How tall are the occupants?

The max. ceiling height is 6', the beds are a generous 6' 6".

2) How many people does it need to accommodate?

The rear bed sleeps two average sized people comfortably, the front bunks are narrow and though 6' 6" long are only 24" wide so are better suited for children.

3) Will you be dry camping or using full service camp sites?

When dry camping water capacity is limited, 10 gallons, power is limited to one 12 volt battery so air conditioning is probably out of the question, you will be using a porta potty, you may or may not have a propane furnace. Unless you have a propane fridge you will need to supply ice for the ice box.

4) Will it be large enough to support your life style?

Space is at a premium, unless you are the type of person that can live a minimal life style and are willing to be organized all the time you will become frustrated with the lack of room.

5) What can you afford?

Bolers are expensive per square foot compared to stick built trailers, for the same money a much larger and newer model can be had. On the other hand your Boler will likely retain its value, so it is money well spent.

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