Bargman L400 Door Latch

Several different brands and styles of locks have been used on Bolers over the years,
one of the most popular is the now elusive Bargman L400

The Bargman L400 is a rectangular shaped latch measuring 6 7/8" X 2 3/4", the original model was chromed, the replacement I found was a grey colour.

Unfortunately they have been discontinued by the manufacturer so are now very hard to come by, occasionally they do show up on ebay, if you do come across one it might be a good idea to scoop it up and hang on to for a spare. There was also a repair kit available that included the parts necessary to rebuild the latch.

This is an older chromed Bargman L400 showing the configuration of the latch.

This is the inside of the Bargman L400, the black lever on the top right locks it from the inside. The inside locking lever was missing on the original latch so I attached the sliding bolt that I picked up at a hardware store.

These locks are often loose in the door, I tightened mine by adding plastic shims on each side of it that I cut from the side of a large ice cream bucket.


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