Replacing a Window Crank

Worn out window cranks are a common problem on older trailers, usually they will still open the window but will not lock the window closed. There are many different styles of cranks, and to complicate matters even more there are left hand and right hand configurations. You can order replacements from Vintage Trailer Supply and have it on hand, or remove the old mechanism and take it with you to a RV supplier.

This is not an easy procedure, there are several web sites with instructions, I decided to try it yet another way.

How I Did It

Remove the window screen and the plastic strips along the sides, then remove the frame on the inside of the window, you will find screws along the sides, top and bottom holding it on.

Remove the handle and the two screws attaching the mechanism to the window frame. Slide the pin in the arm out of the hole in the bar that moves the window sections. You will now find that although the mechanism is loose it will go nowhere.

This means that you will have to go to step 2.

On the other side you will find a bracket that is attached to the frame with pop rivets, drill these out to free up the bracket. Remove the pin in arm from the bar on this side as well.
You will now be able to slide the bracket up at an angle, and remove it and the shaft. Once the shaft is removed the crank mechanism can also be removed.

To put it back together put the crank mechanism in place with the arm pointing to the outside of the trailer but don't fasten it in yet. Slide the shaft into the crank mechanism, lift the other end up at an angle and then slide the bracket on to it, then slide it all down in to position. Before fastening double check that the crank arm is in the right position by inserting the pins into the bar and turning the crank.

The bracket may be fastened to the frame with new pop rivets if you have the tools to do it, otherwise a couple sheet metal screws will do the job just fine.

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